Birthday is one day when you can go candy-crazy and no one else can say anything about it, so go all out with these cakes.


I just hosted a birthday party for my Daughter and I thought it would be fun to do a Candy land theme number cake for her. I made a giant 8 and I covered the cake with candies. The Candy land cakes was a big hit!

Step 1:

To make the eight, I started with a basic rectangular sponge cake, cut it into the number shape using a cardboard stencil. Put the cake on a lined sheet.

Step 2:

Crumb coat – I used only one shade of frosting for the crumb coat, I wanted to ensure that I hide any possible gaps by having matching crumb coat.

Step 3:

Final coat – I did the final coat to ensure the smoothness of the frosting and that will make the cake look more clean and presentable.

Step 4:

I decorated the entire cake with my daughter’s favorite candies, biscuits, chocolates. Finally I drizzled melted white chocolate and dark chocolate over the cake.


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